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First Things First (Get your business up and running fast)

Starting a business is hard. There are lots of tasks to do, decisions to make and plans to work out. Just getting started can be a daunting task on its own.

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Small Business Evolution Navigator

"Future Proof Your Business" (Coming Soon)

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What we do

“We help small businesses use technology to be more successful”

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One approach to networking that works well for some people includes these steps Know what kind of connections you are looking for Customer, partner, vendor, investor, employee Go...

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Website – ‘Not Secure’

Website – ‘Not Secure’

This ‘not secure’ message can scare people away from your website. It is very unfortunate because it may not be true.  The good news is that it is easy to fix....

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Transformations by BT4SB

Transformations are about getting your business to the next level. Each transformation is unique. First we figure out where you are. Then we discuss where you want/need to be. Then we get you there.


  • No cookie cutter solutions – we have a process that works
  • Not just training – our customized combo of training and ‘done for you’
  • Transform you strategy, your thinking and your team

Transformation Stories